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It's Dark Out There!
Our products use gaseous tritium as the power supply. As the gas decays, a constant stream of radioluminescent light is generated that becomes visible as ambient light levels fall.
Lasts up to 15 Years
These products are in it for the long run! No recharging, batteries, switches, or spare parts are needed during their uniquely reliable service life.
Quality Products
Firefly products are routinely used all over the world by those operating in low-light and darkness. Their unique reliability to work normally even in the most adverse climatic conditions helps to enhance operational efficiency and safety.
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$30000 a gram. Tritium is one of Earth's most expensive substances
Doug B.
17 November 2017
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$30000 a gram. Tritium is one of Earth's most expensive substances

Tritium is Expensive! Cost: $30,000 per gram.  Gaseous Tritium is also used in self-luminous fire safety signs which offer users the most advantageous life-cycle cost of any permanantly illuminated fire safety sign. Typically having a service life of 10+ years, self-luminous signs need no technical maintenance or spare parts during that time....

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How do things glow in the dark?
Doug B.
10 October 2017

How do things glow in the dark?

Radioluminescence Luminescence is the emission of light by materials that are relatively cool. This is different from the light emitted from incandescent materials, such as burning charcoal, wood, paper etc., as the light in those cases results from heat. Since the emission of light is done by relatively cooler materials, luminescence is also called cold-body radiation. Gaseous Tritium's...

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